Intensely Scented Soy Cupcake Fire Starters ~ 6 Pack Assorted


Cedar Cupcake fire starters are used as kindling for a fireplace, wood burning stove, or camp fire. They are easy to ignite (by lighting the wick) and will sustain a generous flame for about 10 minutes or so while the main fuel source, most generally logs, catch fire.

Basically, the Cedar Cupcake fire starters make it easier to get your fire going and emit a great fragrance. They are a bit neater than using newspaper. When they are just sitting around and not being burned, they double as effective air fresheners.

Available in: Package of 3, 6, and 12
(assortment packs available at an additional charge)

We use 100% American Soybean wax, no fillers or partial blends of other waxes. We use 100% Cotton Wick for maximum burn time.They are environmentally friendly, clean burning, lead free, and intensely fragrant.

Blooming, or shifts in color is the sign of clean burning candles. This shift is caused by the reaction between pure soy wax and high percentages of quality fragrance oil. (This is a GOOD thing!) Candles that do not have blooming often contain paraffin or other additives. Our retail store customers keep coming back for more!